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UPDATED January 2021 - Remote Learning Plan

Dear Parents and Carers,

From September 2020, we have been using the Microsoft Teams platform to share learning that teachers have prepared virtually. This platform is used as part of our 'remote learning offer' for when bubbles are sent home from school and requested to isolate. For more information on our 'remote learning offer' please see our Remote Learning Plan.

On the first instance of your child being sent home to isolate, you will receive a username and password from the school via SMS message. This is what is needed to access the online platform and allocated learning resources. Your child also has a range of usernames and passwords for several online subscriptions which can also be accessed remotely from home.

To access Teams, you can simply visit the website teams.microsoft.com in a web browser. For a better experience, we would recommend that you download and install the Microsoft Teams application which is available for Windows, Mac and iOS devices.

To download the right version for your device, visit the website teams.microsoft.com/downloads

For further information regarding the use of teams, please follow the guides under the 'Microsoft Teams Guides' section below.


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